BayGrown CBD Topical Cream / Dry Skin Salve

Full Spectrum CBD Salve

All Natural Ingredients

2 Oz. 400 mg/vol

2 Oz. Recovery 1000 mg/vol

Price   $50.00 / $80.00

BayGrown CBD Tincture

Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

All Natural Ingredients

1 Oz. 200mg/vol

2 Oz. 400mg/vol

2 Oz. Recovery 1000mg/vol

Price   $40.00 / $60.00 / $90.00

BayGrown The Blue Healer Tincture

Full Spectrum Pet Tincture

All Natural Ingredients

2 Oz. 400 mg/ vol

Price   $50.00

BayGrown Hemp Bone CBD Dog Treats

Dairy and Grain Free

All Natural Ingrediants

80 Pieces

~ 4mg/piece

Price   $40.00

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